Wróżka Anila - polska wróżka w UK .
Wróżka Anila - polska wróżka w UK . 

Wrożka Anila zaprasza - trenerka pozytywnej energii i doradca duchowy.Mistrz Reiki i Nauczyciel.


Anila - pomoc i wsparcie w każdej sprawie - nie ma rzeczy niemożliwych dla mnie.Mam mnóstwo pozytywnej energii do ofiarowania .



skype Anila Ben Taleb.





     Anila - tarot and angels cards readings


I got lots of positive energy and support to offer


My adventure with my life and esoteric started since my childhood.I remember my Granny and me helping her with the plants - so it was first stories of life in the garden.And childhood full of Angels stories and about healing benefits of plants.Books were always present in my life.History is my another favourite subject.

  I got good background apart of schooling.Through the books, stories , plants it was first step into esoteric life.My granny loved Cards as well.At the beginning I did not put any attention to them.My story started in Tunisia.I have lived in Tunisia since 1999 , in 2004 my friend she gave my like a gift Tarot cards and she told me - they had to bring you hapiness.It was well predicted.These days I was working as the teacher I was giving conversation lesson  i knew lots of people in this wonderful country - and my students liked my reading.So I started reading for them and for my friends and people were coming.I did not have to do anything special about it ..people were looking forward to speak to me and they were coming to have cups of tea and asking me questions.

  I did not learn cards from the book.I just putting them and vision is coming.So in 2004 I have decided to establish my business and because the fact that I love Angels I called my business Golden Angels.

  Answers are coming so quick.So in 2009 I moved to Scotland, Elgin and I am based here.





tel.07799320214 or

skype Anila Ben Taleb


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Paypal kasiabtaleb@googlemail.com

languages spoken - English, French , Polish

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